Jessica Felts

Hello, World!

My name is Jessica Felts, and I was born and raised in Northern Michigan. I currently reside in the Metro Detroit area and work in Ann Arbor. I have always had a passion for beautifully designed and developed user-friendly technology, and consider myself to be a proficient front-end developer. I also work on a part-time basis, helping small businesses and professional individuals develop and maintain their presence online.

As a millennial, I understand the growing need to teach our younger generations about technology. Too often, these students are not given the proper training they need to succeed in this tech-savvy twenty-first centry world. Because of this, I am a strong advocate for having more technology in primary and secondary school classrooms, as well as an expansion of the technology courses that are offered to these students, so that they are better prepared to enter college, or the workforce, after high school, regardless of whether or not they choose to follow a STEM-related career path.

As for me - I'm currently completing an internship with Lyons Consulting Group, on their Applications Support team, in Ann Arbor. Lyons Consulting Group prides itself on being the industry's premiere eCommerce Digital Agency, and has recieve multiple awards and various honors to back up that claim. During my internship, I have been working with the Demandware eCommerce platform, developing, supporting and managing the content for the websites of various high-end clients.

In addition to my internship with Lyons Consulting Group, I also work as a freelance Digital Solutions Consultant, where I work with Small Businesses and Professional Individuals, providing technical support, project management, and website design and development. I have also been working recently, within the webinar niche, helping various clients setup, manage and deploy their webinar programs.

Previous to these positions, I was employed by Roush Industries - subcontracting for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - where I evaluated vehicle and infotainment system performance, serving as a lead in both positions. I have also worked as a shift supervisor for an off-site high-security project. These positions have allowed me to learn how to better communicate issues both verbally and in writing, and gave me the experience to lead a team, and train new employees on a regular basis.