100 Days of Code: Day 012

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Today’s Focus Areas:

Today’s Progress:

Today includes more of the same as yesterday, which makes daily updates hard. I am continuing to work on tagging and tracking for a private client (I should get feedback today on whether my implementations have been successful), and also working on WordPress Theme development in my down time.

As for what I am planning for the WordPress Theme: I am looking to get basic blog functionality roughed out today. I’m not so concerned about styling at this point, since we’re still in the very beginning stages of development, but getting it to be functional will do wonders in helping me move forward.

I am also thinking of doing a small side project this weekend. David mentioned yesterday that he had created a textarea input box that only allowed so many characters; when the user had only 100 characters left, the numbers would appear and highlight yellow to let them know they were running out, and then once their character count had gone negative (because apparently this textarea allowed for that), the numbers would be highlighted in red, and the user would no longer be able to submit. I think creating my own version of something like this would be a fun, relatively short side project to work on.


It’s important to continue learning new things, even when they don’t come easy to you. I have always dreaded having to work with tagging for a website, because every client seems to set things up differently, and because of this, it’s hard to grasp how/when the tags are being fired. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn though, because in the long run, it will make me a better developer, and give me an additional skill for my tool belt.

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