100 Days of Code: Day 009

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Today’s Focus Areas:

  • Private Client Work
  • WordPress Theme Development

Today’s Progress:

Today, I worked most of the day on projects for a private client. I was able to update our project, debug issues, and meet our tight deadline this afternoon. As for personal projects, I’m going to be working the rest of this afternoon on WordPress theme development. My Blog has been distressing me. While, the Twenty Sixteen theme is a great place to start, I just can’t use it forever. I’ve transitioned to Cambium by BestBlogThemes.com for the meantime, and it’s made me a little less crazy.

For the WordPress theme, my greatest hope is that I can get something developed, and live by the end of the month. I am not going to release until it’s up to par with what I want, but since it’s not an overly complicated project, I’m thinking I should be able to get it done quickly.

Last night, I released a CodePen pen for my Slide Out Navigation (Desktop Only), you can view that here.


CodePen. Aside from apparently one small project I published while at a previous job, I haven’t really used CodePen. I’m seeing now that it’s a great place to showcase live projects. I will definitely be leveraging this in the future.

Link to work: