Going forward

I started blogging again on January 8th. Since my initial post, I have posted nothing but #100DaysOfCode log updates. I understand that this can get a bit repetitive, and for some people, can be boring. Going forward, I would like to start posting other content – more interesting and relevant than just a rundown of what development I’ve been doing lately.

What’s going on –

For the last week or so, I have been solely focusing my Personal Development time on the development of a custom WordPress theme, that I plan to use with this site. As I’ve mentioned in different log posts, I am not entirely happy with the theme that I am currently using; but I wanted to start blogging again, and not have to wait for my theme to be complete to start doing so.

In essence, these last few weeks have been a sort of “soft launch” for my site. It’s existing, but aside form posting out about new content, I haven’t really been promoting the site at all. There is nothing to promote.

I am working on making sure that the theme I am developing has all of the features that I have wanted to have on this site, and that the functionality is smooth, and user-friendly overall. I am planning also to make the site as accessible as possible, so anyone will be able to enjoy my content.

What the future holds –

The theme I am currently working on will include multiple custom post types, allowing for me to separate my content a little better than it is separated currently. I plan to have an entire section dedicated to my #100DaysOfCode logs, and save traditional “posts” for things like this. This will be especially helpful if I decide to complete multiple rounds of the challenge – which is something I am currently planning to do.

Another feature I am developing is a custom front page, where you can not only find my latest blog and log posts, but also find out about what services I offer, and how to work with me, if you’re interested in that. I will also be developing a portfolio section, where I can display my projects, with external links out to sites like codepen and github.

How long will this take?

I am hoping to have the new theme developed before the end of Q1 (by the end of March for those of you who don’t speak business calendar). The most important part for me is finding a good balance between done enough to launch and but here, let me add this one other thing. I have a problem with perfectionism. I want everything that I do to be perfect, or I don’t want to even acknowledge that it exists.

My site is a pile of trash? What site? I don’t see a site?

The tax calculator I’ve been working on for over a year is still not complete? Yeah, we don’t talk about that…

I’m working through my need to have everything be perfect, and am getting myself to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. When you reach perfection, you come up with a dozen more things that could be changed to make it more perfect. It’s better to reach a point where things are functional, look good, and get the job done, and then role out new releases periodically, when you have new things to add.

Can I leave feedback or give advice?

Of course you can! I have been posting links to the public GitHub repo, in all of my recent log posts. If you’re super interested in what this thing looks like, download the zip file, and upload it to a WordPress site as a new theme. I don’t promise it’s going to look great at the moment, but it’s a work in progress.

If you just want to tell me what features you’d like to see, feel free to leave a comment on this post (or any of the relevant log posts), or connect with me on Twitter. I’m always open to feedback, and new suggestions!

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