100 Days of UI — 003 — Username Recovery


Today, I designed the Account Recovery section for the Sign Up / Sign In Form I’ve been working on for the last couple of days. For the Account Recovery section of this form, I wanted to include all relevant options for account recovery. For recovering your Username, you’ll enter the Email Address that you used to sign up for your account.

Here is the Username Recovery form correctly filled out —

If you enter an invalid Email Address, you’ll be greeted with an error icon, and error message, and will need to enter a valid email address before proceeding.

Here is the Username Recovery form with an incorrect Email Address entered —

If you are unable to remember your email address, you have the option to Sign Up for a new account; if you are able to remember your username and no longer need to recover it, you will be able to either Sign In, or proceed to the Password Recovery form.

Here you can see the hover states for the other links on this form —

Originally, I was planning to design both the Username recovery, and Password recovery forms today, but decided that since they will look slightly different, and will have different options, I will let this form design spill over into a forth day, and present you with the Password Recovery section of this form tomorrow.

View other sections of this form: Sign Up Form, Sign In Form.


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