100 Days of UI — 004 — Password Recovery


Today is the last day I will be working on designs for this form. I give you – the Password Recovery form. Just like yesterday’s Username Recovery form, the Password Recovery form helps users access their account, when they’ve forgotten some of the login details. To reset your password, you simply need to enter either your Email Address or your Username, and instructions on how to reset your password will be emailed to the Email Address on file for your account.

Below you can see an example of the form filled out correctly with either an Email Address or a Username —

Below you can see an example of the form filled out with an incorrect Email Address —

Below, you can see an example of the form filled out with an incorrect Username —

If you’re unable to remember your Username, you can navigate to the “Recover Username” link, and be taken to that portion of the form, and if you forgot your Email Address (assuming you’ve also forgotten your Username as well, since options to reset it are listed above), you are given the option to “Sign Up” for a new account. You can see those links in their hover states, below —

This section of the form, like all other sections of it, was designed to be user friendly, and functional. I feel that this form gives you all the options you need to eventually recover your account, whether it’s through a simple password reset, by recovering your username, or signing up for a new account. The design of this section of the form has stayed true to the other three sections I’ve previously posted, and I still believe the design looks nice, without being too overbearing.

Tomorrow, I hope to do something completely different, to get away from this design and color scheme a little bit.


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