In addition to my recently announced NaNoWriMo goal, to revise my research paper on Website Accessibility (see the posts: “The Importance of Website Accessibility in an Increasingly Digital Society”, Revisited and Website Accessibility), I have also decided to commit to a goal of daily blogging. Writing is one of those things that I really love, but rarely have the time to dedicate to. In the spirit of National Novel Writing Month, I have decided that for the next month, I will try to write a new post each day.

What will I Write About?

Throughout my life I have loved writing. From dry Current Events summaries to short stories set in some far-away place. I always loved my English and Creative Writing classes for this reason (unless they were reading-intense – as much as I love writing, assigned reading has never really been a favorite of mine).

Obviously, I’m not going to come here to write a summary of current goings on – we all have the News app for a reason; and I doubt I’ll use my personal website as a platform to publish short stories. More likely, my writing will be focused on things related to science and technology. One look at my header will tell you that I’m a UI Developer (aka a Front-End Developer), and my recent posts will probably enlighten you to my passion for Website Accessibility. These are topics that I’ll likely write about, as well as other cool things going on in tech, and also anything cool that might happen in the greater science community (I’m a huge nerd for Physics, Astronomy and Maths).

In addition to these things, I’m hoping to have at least a couple updates on the custom theme I am developing to replace this site’s current interface. While I love being able to just install someone else’s theme and not have to worry about it, the lack of control that gives me drives me a little mad. Being a developer – and especially someone focused on the Front-End, I like having control over how things look and function. I don’t, however, want to rush the process and launch something that just isn’t finished, or isn’t what I want it to be.

I’m really looking forward to November, and being able to start writing again on a consistent basis, as well as work on furthering my research on Website Accessibility, and sharing all of that with you.

Talk tomorrow!

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