I am currently listening to Justine Ezarik’s “analog memoir” I, Justine, and feel I have to make a confession – I, too, am a bit of an Apple junkie.

It all started in 2014, when I started my internship with Lyons Consulting Group. After being hired, one of the first questions I was asked as “PC or Mac?” I had never, in my entire life, used a Mac before, and I didn’t want to complicate my internship by trying to learn how to use one, so I opted for a PC. It didn’t really affect my performance in any way, but once I got used to seeing some of my coworkers using their Macs, I realized I was probably missing out.

I worked at Lyons for two years, and in the spring of 2016, I decided I had waited long enough. I was lucky enough to have an internship that paid considerably well in the eyes of a broke college student, and had been able to save up some money to purchase my own Macbook Pro. At the time, I was taking classes in video and audio production, and I was freelancing with a client that required a significant amount of photo and video editing done on a regular basis. To me, the Macbook Pro was not only a personal indulgence, but also a educational and professional necessity.

When I finally picked my Macbook Pro up at the Apple store, I couldn’t wait to get it home. I was giddy, like a small child on Christmas morning, just waiting until I could unwrap my present. I was not disappointed. One of the first things I did when I finally got my Macbook Pro setup was to open YouTube and play a video; but not just any video, I played a video that was available to be streamed in 4K. I was blown away, and forever converted.

Later that year, I decided to upgrade my phone from the HTC One Max, to an iPhone 6s, ahead of a trip I was taking with my now-husband. I picked up the phone the morning of our trip, and decided I would figure it out on the way; like the Macbook Pro, I was instantly sold. Now using the iPhone XS Max (and eyeing that iPhone 11, I won’t lie), I know I’ll probably never use anything else.

Once you get a person in the Apple ecosystem, that person just spends, spends, spends.

Jim Cramer, CNBC

Later in 2016, after Apple announced the redesign of the Macbook Pro (my model was, and still is, a late 2015 model – I have no intention of upgrading any time soon), my now-husband decided he wanted to get one for himself. He, also being an Apple-convert, decided having a good, performant laptop at home would help him with side projects (at the time he was also a developer). After customizing the specs to fit his needs, we purchased his Macbook Pro sometime in the early-morning hours not long after launch, and waited eagerly for it to arrive. (Fun fact – I could probably count on my hands how many times I’ve seen him actually use it in the last three years).

In the three years since 2016, we have upgraded our phones, and bought Apple Watches, and my husband even bought himself a pair of second-generation Airpods. When he brought them home and showed them to me, I thought they were the ugliest thing I had ever seen, and swore I would never be caught dead in them, unless they changed their design. It just so happens that, eventually, Apple did just that.

Airpods Pro

The new Airpods Pro were announced on October 28th. By sheer coincidence, my husband had just managed to send his second-generation Airpods through the wash, and after a couple days of drying out, and trying to make them functional again, we decided they were probably a lost cause. The morning of October 28th, I decided that I wanted to do something nice for him, and order him a new pair, and maybe even get a pair for myself, so off to the Apple website I went.

I stumbled upon the new Airpods Pro completely be surprise, and since I haven’t been keeping up with any of the new launches lately, I figured they were something announced in the last string of hardware and software announcements, and I had just missed hearing about them. They looked pretty cool, and the price wasn’t so bad, considering the new features, so I decided to get us each a pair. I found it a little odd that they were still on pre-order, but since they were expected to be delivered by October 30th, it wasn’t such a big deal.

Later that afternoon, he messaged me all excited, asking me if I had seen the announcement about the new Airpods. It took me a second to realize what I had stumbled upon was actually the announcement, and that I had probably been one of the first orders of the morning. What luck, right? We talked for a bit about how they looked cool, and we definitely wanted to each get a pair, but he told me he’d rather wait until Christmas – I agreed; at least I knew he wasn’t also going to order two pairs – $1000 worth of headphones may have been a little much at that point.

When they arrived on the 30th, I immediately opened mine and tried them out. They really are as good as they are made out to be. I have also taken to watching various YouTubers do review of them, and have to say that for the most part, I agree with what everyone else is saying – they are definitely “pro” quality, and what you’re getting for your money does justify the price increase. When my husband got home that evening, I gave him the pair I had ordered for him, and he was beside himself. It was nice to see a big smile on his face, and know I had done a little something to brighten his day.

Mac Pro

While I think my Airpods Pro purchase will probably be the last major Apple purchase for a while (let’s be honest, I don’t need a new phone with a stovetop of camera lenses on the back), there is one other launch I have been looking forward to literally for years: the new Mac Pro.

When I was first looking into buying my Macbook Pro, I had half a mind to get the Mac Pro (at that time, the “Trashcan Mac”, which I actually think looked really cool), but decided against it for two reasons: price, and lack of mobility. At the time, I needed a good laptop that could go anywhere with me. The Mac Pro would not have worked for that. Now, since I have my Macbook Pro, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the least, I could also have a desktop setup with the new Mac Pro.

My issue with this launch is that we’re still waiting for it. After it’s announcement, I figured we’d see it on sale this fall (in fact, the website even says “coming this Fall”), but so far all we’ve gotten is a button to sign up for notifications. Now, I’m not going to go out and buy one the first day it becomes available – the estimated starting price for the new Mac Pro is much more than I would be willing to pay at this point, especially since I am no longer doing any freelance work, and couldn’t write it off on my taxes, like I was able to do with the Macbook Pro. However, the Mac Pro is definitely a piece I want to eventually add to my Apple collection. (Don’t tell anyone, but my priority at the moment, as far as desktops are concerned, is actually to build out a gaming PC… Shhh…)

So where do you stand with Apple? Are you a junkie like I am, or are you standing off to the side laughing at how good I am at throwing my money away on overpriced electronics?


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