I have been a fan of the YouTube platform since around 2007. In middle school and high school, I was obsessed with filming things, and editing together short films. I had ideas for mini web series, complete with scripts and promotional ideas. But I only ever uploaded a handful of videos, and those have since been either deleted, or set to private.

I often wish I could start my life over, from around the age of thirteen on. If I were able to keep the knowledge that I have now, I would have done a lot of things differently; if not, I can only hope I would have. Given the chance, I would have put myself out there more, and tried new things more often. I would have pursued my love of filmmaking, and starting uploading videos to YouTube when the platform was just beginning to blossom. Sure, I would have been all of fourteen, but you have to start somewhere.

Recently, I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a YouTube channel, a lot more. What sort of content would I produce? Would I be able to commit to a consistent schedule? Would I ever be able to build an audience? But still, the desire to at least try nags at me from the back of my mind. My husband, in fact, even purchased me a pretty decent DSLR (a Canon EOS 80D) for Christmas last year; regrettably, I’ve only been able to use it a handful of times.

A Persistent Dream

Every month at the company where I work, we have one-on-one meetings with our leader, where we outline topics relevant to our jobs, but also personal and professional goals we have for ourselves. For the last few months, I have written down that I would like to start a YouTube channel, which, I assume, would focus a least somewhat on development, and beginner-level tutorials for anyone interested in starting down this path.

I’ve always gotten support from my leaders around this goal, since the general consensus around the office seems to be that I’m good at what I do, and creating tutorials could be a good outlet for me. I always seem to get stuck though. I want things to be perfect if, or when, I decide to launch a channel, and that is really where the problem lies: I don’t want to take the leap until things are perfect, but It’s me, and things will never likely be my definition of perfect.

A 2020 Goal?

I have considered resolving to start a YouTube channel in the New Year as part of my list of annual New Year’s Resolutions. Given the current state of my health (it’s not the best, at the moment), I’m not sure I would have the time or energy to devote to a channel starting in January, but at some point in the New Year, I would definitely love to give a shot.

A main concern of mine would be finding a niche that I actually want to produce content for. While development is definitely a passion of mine, I feel like a lot of the videos I would be making would be things that have already been covered before. How many Introduction to HTML or CSS or JavaScript videos can you have before they all sound the same? A serious consideration I’ve had is around creating a gaming channel; a little-known fact about me is that when I’m not feeling horribly, I do actually love to play video games. I’ve also considered a straight-up vlogging channel, and others. Topic is something I’ll have to give some more consideration to, but hopefully I’ll conquer my fears and start a channel at some point in 2020.

What would you like to see me create content about?

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