Today, I purchased a standing desk.

After seeing my coworkers try them out – first just makeshift, using milk crates to raise monitors and laptops, and then officially with top-of-desk units, and then finally fully adjustable desks – I was curious. I can’t imagine myself being able to stand all day, but at the same time, sitting for hours on end is also painful. So I researched my options.

The tipping point came when my husband was recently promoted. In his new position, the company gave him a fully adjustable desk (and an awesome new chair, but that’s a different story). Now I don’t know how often he actually utilizes its functionality, but the few times I was able to try it out, I really liked it.

Knowing how many things I have on my desk (at a minimum, two table lamps, two 27-inch monitors, and one of my laptops), I knew that a top-of-desk option wouldn’t work for me – it would be far too small, so I looked into various adjustable desks. Most of the options I found were still too small for the footprint I really wanted, and a lot of them didn’t match the style I was looking for. But then, one day I found it.

Last week, my husband and I were taking a trip to our not-so-local-anymore IKEA, to purchase some storage bins for our daughter’s room. Naturally, even knowing what we were going after, and not having planned to buy anything else, we still went through the entire showroom, imagining ourself in every 500-square-foot “apartment” they had staged. Finally, we reached the office section, and looked around at some desks. I was familiar with their BEKANT line – we actually have their conference table in our sun room, but I found their adjustable desks just weren’t what I was looking for. But then, we entered the next staged area and I saw something new: it turns out that IKEA has another standing desk option called the IDÅSEN, and it was everything I had ever wanted, and more.

Today, while I was running errands, I had my husband trek back over to IKEA and pick up the IDÅSEN for me. We took our daughter to be looked after for the day, and we spent the majority of our day reworking my office. Previously, I had been using the IKEA BJURSTA, which is an 8-10 person dining table (and which is so old it’s apparently not even being sold anymore – the LANEBERG seems to be similar), as my office desk, and I was worried how a smaller (even just slightly so) desk would work with my setup. As it turns out, everything is perfect. I feel like I have just as much space as I did before (even though I probably lost close to 6 inches in both length and width with this new desk), and with the adjustable height, I am now able to sit more comfortably than I previously had been able to. Even in just the few hours I’ve been working at the desk this evening, I feel myself sitting more straight, and feel like my arms and legs are in more comfortable positions.

In the days and weeks to come, I hope to be using my desk more often, and that I’ll be able to give a more thorough review of the IDÅSEN and how it’s working out for me, but so far, I’m incredibly happy with it.

Do you have a standing desk? Tell me what you think about it!



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