Hello, world!

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The last time I updated my blog – really, one of the last times I ever looked at my blog – I was writing about my favorite Developers on YouTube. That was something like seven months ago, and a lot has happened since then!

For starters, I’m still employed. That’s always a good thing to start off with. However, I did receive a slight title change (just due to internal updates to align our titles more accurately with what we’re doing), so instead of being a UX Developer, I am now a UI Developer. Literally just a title change; everything else has stayed the same.

I am currently working with the Salesforce team within my company’s IT Department. When I was hired, it was a team I was just sort of chosen to become a part of. Aside from some experience with what is now Salesforce Commerce Cloud – knowledge which does my absolutely nothing in my current position – I had never touched a Salesforce product in my life, and while I was familiar with the platform, I was far from an expert on how it worked. (A little secret for you – I’m still not an expert, but you’d be surprised how much you can learn about a thing when you put your mind to it for a while).

In my current position, I have had the opportunity to build some pretty amazing applications for our organization, that will really help our company grow and succeed. Every day, I look forward to seeing what new things I can learn, and what knowledge I can bring to the table to help our various teams succeed.

As for personal projects, I am still working on a full redesign of my website. I promise you it won’t just be this simple blog forever. I am hoping to have something launched before the end of this year. I am also still working on personal projects, like the Payoff Estimator, and also making updates to my Tax Calculator from a few years back. Aside from wanting to master the UI aspects of the Salesforce platform, I also seek to stay relevant with other UI skills that may not be directly applicable to my current position. If ever there comes a time when I am place on another team, I don’t want to be left in the dust with a silo of knowledge that would no longer serve me.

So far 2019 has served me fairly well. Aside from a minor surgery last month, and falling down a flight of stairs back in February, things have been looking up. I am pretty excited to see what new adventures the next few months will bring me, and what knowledge I’ll be able to share with the greater developer community. (I am still considering starting a YouTube channel for tutorials, and chats – I just have to find the free time to produce them, and stick to an actual schedule for releasing them).

Long story short – I’m alive. Alive, and very busy. But so excited for what this year will be bringing.

I hope to write here more often, so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon!


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